Rad Outsource is a broker service that will help you meet all your radiology needs.
About Us
Here at RADIOLOGY OUTSORCE (RADOS) we create a bridge between your hospital and the best Teleradiology reporting companies that the UK has to offer.
We can quickly and conveniently help you find some of the best Tele Radiology companies in the UK to meet your medical imaging/reporting needs. We will supply information of your needs to the Teleradiologists who will then bid for your contract on our tailor-made portal ensuring you get the most competitive prices and service.
Simply fill in the job specifications on our easy-to-use portal and you can very quickly gain direct contact with the decision makers from the most reputable Teleradiology companies across the UK. Allowing you to get numerous quotes for the same job and quickly compare service providers in a convenient and timely format, without the need for multiplicity of information.
The companies within our portfolio are all CQC compliant with several years’ experience of radiology reporting for both the NHS and private clients. All our Teleradiology agencies use the latest PACS, HL7 Mirth engines, Vendor Neutral Archive & Secure and Safe infrastructure for reporting.
What we offer
  1. Quick and convenient access to the most reputable TeleRadiology companies in the UK

  2. Giving you the most competitive prices by providing you with multiple bids on jobs whilst saving you time

  3. Quicker turnaround times on your medical imaging studies

  4. Helping you increase capacity

  5. Helping you increase savings and increase efficiency

  6. Flexible options to meet your needs

How it works (healthcare)
  1. Submit

    Submitting a job is easy.
    Simply log in, head over to your account and submit a new job.
    When completing the form, simply add your requriements, such as deadline, individual tasks (e.g MRI, CT scan), and quantities for each task. As well as any additional information you may like to add.
    Don't fret! If you're not sure you've covered all basis in your job submission, the Teleradiologists can comment privately on your submission later.

  2. Bidding

    Your job is now listed for all our registered Teleradiologists to see.
    As Teleradiologists begin to submit bids you will receive email notifications.
    If the Teleradiologists have any questions or queries they can simply leave a comment on the job.
    Communication between you and the Teleradiologists is private and remains anonymous.
    When you receive a bid you are happy with, you can accept the bid.

  3. Completion

    Once a bid has been accepted, we can then arrange to get the work started for you.
    Confidentiality is of the upmost importance to us.
    Therefore, we do not allow transfer of information through the platform.
    Our contact is [email protected]
    Quote the ID of your job and we will get in touch with the Teleradiologists to get your work started.

How it works (Teleradiology)
  1. Check

    Sign in to your account, and head over to the latest jobs to see the requests submitted
    We wanted to make this as easy and intuitive as possible
    When filtering through the jobs, you can archive any which you know you won't be able to fullfil.

  2. Bids

    When going through the job submissions, you can comment any queries you may have.
    Queries remain private between you and the healthcare provider
    If you know you will be able to fullfil the requirements of the job submit your bid.
    If your bid is successful you will receive an email notification
    Any bids which are unsuccessfull will end up in the lost bids section of your account.

  3. Completion

    When your bid is accepted, we will get in touch with you with next steps.
    Confidentiality is of the upmost importance to us
    Therefore, we do not allow transfer of information through the platform
    Our contact is [email protected]

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We are always interested in bringing new tele radiologist companies onto our platform.
We work extensively with hospitals both within the UK and overseas.
We offer a great chance to create new opportunities for your Business.

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